Right now I am:

-first and foremost, working every day with my wonderful wife to raise our two sons well.

-managing a variety of projects.

-working with colleagues and students on a variety of papers and book chapters (by my current count… lots) in various states of the writing and publication process.

-supervising or co-supervising great graduate students and enthusiastic undergraduates.

-Preparing to teaching BIOL 202 (Invertebrate Zoology) in face-to-face format for t the autumn 2021 semester.

-trying to find time to process tons of data and specimens.

-volunteering as co-Editor-in-chief for The Canadian Entomologist.

-volunteering as an academic editor and a section editor for PeerJ

– volunteering as a subject editor and interim Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of the Entomological Society of British Columbia.

-member of the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer Biology Articulation Committee.

-member of the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer Transfer and Articulation Committee.

-UNBC Department of Ecosystem Science and Management Undergraduate Coordinator.

-faculty senator, UNBC senate.

-member of the Entomological Society of Canada Science Policy Committee.

-volunteering on the Science Advisory Committee of A Rocha Canada and a member of their National Board of Directors.

-attempting to put out a blog post on this site once in awhile. Once in a long-while lately 🙁

-probably tweeting.

-reading this, this, and this… and a lot of other things.

-always getting ready for another NaPoWriMo – you can see the results of past participation (some very drafty poetry) here.

-working to maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a healthy mind.

(Updated 05-OCT-2022)