SpaceX failure, conservation failure

Remember that failed #SpaceX #launch last week?

Another big failure was that of the #FAA and SpaceX to protect the abundant and vulnerable #wildlife in the area.

Great article:


SpaceX’s #Boca #Chica facility sits amid one of the most unique #natural #habitats in the northern hemisphere. The area is home to countless #endangered #species and provides a wintering home to the #piping #plover and #red #knot.

Piping plover (CC by Andy Witchger)

Put into context, human hearing is nearly instantly and permanently damaged at 120 dB; your eardrums will rupture at 130 dB. Birds are likely even more sensitive to high sound exposure.

Space research is great, but if it can’t be done in a way that takes care of this planet, it shouldn’t be done.

Red knot (CC by Hans Hillewaert)

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